Indicator tape 24mm lead free  - Carton of 36

Indicator tape 24mm lead free - Carton of 36

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Traditional process indicator tape allows identification of processed from unprocessed items at a glance. The easily recognisable stripes change colour when exposed to the specific sterilant, verifying exposure to the process without the need to open packs or check records.
Steam Process Indicator Tape is a packaging tape with steam-sensitive indicator ink. The high contrast colour change is designed to show at a glance that the pack has been exposed to a steam sterilisation process. Manufactured from treated crepe paper and coated with high performance cross linked pressure sensitive adhesive, the tape securely bonds to paper, plastics, non-wovens, board, metal, glass and linen. The ‘hi tack’ version is as above but incorporating a stronger adhesive to adhere to ‘treated’ paper wrap. This is not recommended for use with textiles as it can leave a residue. The tape is blue in colour. Plain tape is similar to steam indicator tape but without the stripes. Designed as a packaging tape but with special adhesive qualities to withstand steam sterilisation.

We also have the 18mm tape on offer.