How long will my water filters last?

Two things will affect the life of your water filters: quantity used and water quality coming in.

Melag have done tests to know how many litres you should get for your water treatment system. Melag have used DH or "German Hardness" for their calculations. Find out what the water in your building is we need to find a recent test. Often your local council will have report that states what the water quality is for your area, example:

Water quality for water treatment system
If you cannot find the data from your local council then click here for a test kit to be sent out to you.
We can then take those measurements and add them to a free online calculator:
Water hardness calculator
After adding the values in we then get our DH or German Hardness.
You can then apply the DH to the tables below to estimate the amount of water your filters will process.
All Melag water treatment systems technical data
Melag Meladem 53 & 53C life span
Using the example above it is safe to estimate the DH of 3 should allow the units to filter 3 times what the 10DH is showing.
Melag haven't documented for water qualities less that 10 DH as it is not common in Europe. 
Please note: The water quality that you have at your tap can vary from what the council last reported. Any work done on or near the water lines leading to your premise may move debris along and shorten the life span of the filters.
The amount of water your autoclave will use per cycle will vary depending on load size and chamber size but can be between 650ml & 750ml per cycle.
If you are still unsure about how long your filters will last please feel free to contact us
Meladem 53 estimated life span