With several brands available it can make purchasing a new autoclave difficult if its a brand you haven't used before or don't know anyone that has.

With Melag having hundreds of units out in the NZ market we thought it would help for you to know who has bought what and how they have found it.

Purchased a Melag Evolution 40B with Meladem 40
Installed December 2018
Dentiq Dental Wairoa
Purchased a Melag Evolution 40B with Meladem 40
Installed November 2019

 Dentiq Dental

"J.S.T Medical team offer great advice and easy to deal with.  Very informative when need to discuss products or repairs. Very quick service if any breakdowns happen within the practice. Recommend them to others."
5 Stars

5 star rating



                                                                          Ocean Dental Centre Logo, Dentist Gisborne
Purchased a Melag Evolution 40B with Meladem 40
Installed 2019

"Our lovely Lisa was our favourite sterilizer, until we got the Melag.

Sorry Lisa you are now our number two fave.

We found many negatives with Lisa, she needed a lot of distilled water regularly, and this meant we had to keep the work top distiller working all day. Eventually we needed two water distillers to keep up with the supply! The sterilizing room got very warm. We also had to make time to empty the grey water tank and on days where there was no sterilizing nurse and five dentists working it was quite the mission.

Melag works off the main water supply and informs us when to change the water filters which is easy to do, she also drains the grey water as she works which now saves us so much time.

We often found that we were re-packing and re-sterilizing instruments regularly with Lisa, but with Melag’s intelligent drying, we now re-pack and re-sterilize far fewer instruments or hardly none at all.

Melag also has far more chamber space, allowing more instrumentation to be sterilized in one batch. It’s also great that Melag makes use of the shape of the rack inside the chamber by having two small trays for the upper and lower areas, great for the smaller items we don’t need to pack.

We find the Quick programme B cycle that is used for a smaller load of unwrapped equipment that will be sterilized just as quickly and effectively as an ordinary cycle to be a great function. We don’t often use this cycle but the knowledge that it is available makes for a reduction in stress for both the chair-sides and dentists.

We love how the Melag's outer jacket warms the water for the next cycle, it’s a brilliant function because it cuts the sterilizing time down as the water for your next cycle is warmed and ready. This means the cycle usually can be started pretty much as soon as you activate it. There is also an energy saving mode however we use our sterilizer frequently throughout the day so we have never use this function. If you do only a couple of cycles during the day this would be useful.

All the cycle information on the Lisa was stored on the SD card which we had to read on a computer which was a bit inconvenient, whereas all the cycle information on Melag is available on the screen and easy to access anytime during the day. The touch screen on Melag is self-explanatory and much more easy to use as well.

Overall, we hardly find any negatives with the lovely Melag. She is easy to use every day but especially on days when we don’t have an extra chairside that can work in the Sterilizing room."


Purchased a Melag 29VS 
Installed August 2019
5 Stars
5 star rating