How often should I do a vacuum test?

This test shall be performed during operational qualification, calibration, recommissioning and daily in the absence of an air detector or weekly if an air detector is fitted.

When performed either daily or weekly, this test shall be performed prior to the air removal and steam penetration test or its approved equivalent.


An automatic air leakage rate/vacuum test cycle shall be available on sterilizers that utilize a vacuum stage for air removal in any sterilization cycle. If the rate of air leakage into the sterilizer chamber during periods of vacuum exceeds a pressure rise of 1.3 kPa/min over a 10 min period, a fault indication shall result and corrective action shall be taken.

Taken out of AS:NZS 4815 - Leak rate/vacuum test

To get a copy go to the standards site and search 4815 or 4187 to find the relevant standards for your practice