Networking to a computer

It is becoming increasingly common for a practice to network their equipment and the autoclave is no different.

FTP Software linking Autoclave to computer

Are you are looking to network a new or existing Melatherm washer disinfector or an Evolution & Cliniclave series autoclave to download datalogs direct to the computer? You will need to do a few things:

- Link your autoclave into the network.

- Download and install Melag's FTP software.

- Download two documents, one for setting up the Autoclave and two for setting up the computer.

A Melag Technician can help set up the first document but due to the complexities between practices in "IT" we do not expect them to set up of the second document. At this point we recommend you use your regular IT support company, if you do not have one then we recommend contacting:

Ayone Computers IT Services

 Ayone IT services

Ayone are briefed regarding the requirements for setting up Melag's FTP software. The cost of this service is to be discussed between customer and Ayone.

To make the time minimal with Ayone we recommend you do the following:

- Link your autoclave up to the network.

- Contact giving one working days notice that you will need their service, please advice an estimated time you may need their support.

- Download Melag's FTP Software.

- Download and be familiar with "setting up the Autoclave".

- When ready go to .Ayone will give you a code to set up a temporary remote connection to your computer to complete the setup

- Your router username & password.

- Your server username and password.

- The PC you are going to use must have admin rights on the network and you will need the username and password.


If you have any questions about the checklist above please feel free to contact us or Ayone.