Should wrapped instruments be paper up or paper down?

Always go with what the manufacturer recommends

The following are Melags recommendations:

Stack transparently wrapped sterilization packages if possible edgewise in such a way that alternately paper side lies on paper side and foil side on foil side; if this is not possible, then with the paper side facing downwards.

For sterilizing mixed loads, observe the following instructions:

Always place textiles on the top

sterilization containers at the bottom

unwrapped instruments at the bottom

Transparently wrapped sterilization packages and paper packaging on the top –exception: in combination with textiles on the bottom, The heaviest loads at the bottom

Other brands recommendations:

Lisa MB17, 300 & 500 models:

Position sterilization bags with the paper side facing up.


Mocom Futura:

Laminate pouches should be placed

Plastic side up - Paper side down