Why do wraps have to come out dry?

Wet pack

The purpose of a wrap is to provide an effective biobarrier and protect the sterile contents from sources of potential contamination. Most sterilisation wraps accomplish this by acting as a tortuous path that inhibits the penetration of microorganisms. Multiple layers of dry water-permeable materials maintain a limited biobarrier to airborne bacteria and particles.

When these wraps become wet, and a continuous liquid pathway exists through the wrap, bacteria can easily be wicked in or out of the pack.

Any package that is wet following sterilisation must be considered unsterile because bacteria are capable of passing through layers of wet materials; the contents of a wet pack should not be used.

If you have packs that are coming out wet first check your user manual for your Autoclave to check that you haven't loaded it incorrectly. With the Melag autoclaves you can extend the drying time if needed on the Proclass units by 50%. To do so, Press the keys (S) and (+) simultaneously upon starting the program. The display shows the menu Function: "Additional drying selected"

Should the packs continue to come out wet contact you local service agent