For orthodontists

For orthodontists

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One of the most important requirements of orthodontics is being able to prepare a wide range of special pliers and other instruments in the washer disinfector, so both excellent cleaning and disinfection results but also good drying results without any compromises are achieved. The selection of baskets provides the ideal conditions for this.

By using the following accessories, the instruments of an orthodontic practice can be processed in record time.
1 x Basis basket with injector rail (with 11 nozzles & clamp springs)
2 x Flex basket 2
2 x Insert rack for impression trays, scissors and clamps
2 x Insert rack for hinged instruments
1 x Instrument basket >standard<

As an option you may need Adapters for the injector rail for hollow instruments

This set up is best used as a guide, we advice you find the exact accessories to suit your practice.

To view a PDF on Melatherm accessories and instructions click here or if you have further questions please feel free to contact us