For maxillofacial practice

For maxillofacial practice

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In maxillofacial and oral surgery, standardised MELAstore trays (wash trays) are preferably used for the common instrument decontamination needed for an operation (OP). Using the baskets selected in this package, up to 18 MELAstore trays 50 (not shown in the figure) or six MELAstore trays 100 and three MELAstore trays 200 and a range of individual instruments can be decontaminated simultaneously in record time.

The Instruments are reprocessed as a set (e. g. PA, OST, etc.) in
wash trays in one cycle of MELAtherm in record time.
1 x Basis basket with injector rail (with 11 nozzles & clamp springs)
1 x Insert rack for MELAstore-Trays 50 / 100
6 x MELAstore-Tray 100
1 x Insert rack for 3 MELAstore-Trays / sieve cassettes
3 x MELAstore-Tray 200
1 x Instrument basket compact

As an option you may need Adapters for the injector rail for hollow instruments

This set up is best used as a guide, we advice you find the exact accessories to suit your practice. 

To view a PDF on Melatherm accessories and instructions click here or if you have further questions please feel free to contact us