Browne Class 6 Emulating Indicators - 121oC/15mins 134oC/5.3mins

Browne Class 6 Emulating Indicators - 121oC/15mins 134oC/5.3mins

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Test indication strips x 100 (non-adhesive)

When placed inside trays, packs or pouches, a TST Control™ Cycle Verification (Emulating) Indicator will confirm that good quality steam has penetrated to the point of placement. Changing from yellow to dark blue / purple, end users have clear visual reassurance of exposure to the specific cycle parameters proven to render items ‘sterile’*. The TST Control™ Cycle Verification (Emulating) Indicator allows the end user to single out individual trays, packs or pouches that were not exposed to sufficient sterilisation conditions. 

A pass from the TST Control™ Cycle Verification (Emulating) Indicator proves exposure to conditions essential for sterilisation to occur. TST Control™ Cycle Verifi cation (Emulating) Indicator incorporates the unique TST ink technology. Lead free and non-toxic, this patented ink technology is both safe to use and
environmentally friendly. Albert Browne Ltd was the first company in the world to be able to display the BSi Kitemark on Class 6 emulating indicators for cycle verification. British Standards Institution (BSi) not only undertook the independent testing, but also examined all the necessary production control systems in place, to ensure consistency of manufacture. This arguably makes Browne TST Control™ Integrators the most stringently tested and monitored indicators available worldwide. There can be no greater assurance of conformance to safety and quality than the BSi Kitemark displayed on the TST Control™ Cycle Verifi cation (Emulating) Indicator.

*EN 556: 2001 Sterilisation of Medical Devices Requirements for medical devices to be designated ‘sterile’ ‘A sterile product is one which is free of viable micro-organisms’‘ The European Pharmacopoeia Commission considers that a product may be regarded as ‘sterile’ when the theoretical level of not more than one living micro-organisms is present in 1x106 sterilised units of final products’