For the gynecological practice
For the gynecological practice

For the gynecological practice

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It is no longer possible to conceive of a world without the preparation of gynaecological specula and other instruments in the washer-disinfector for reasons of patient protection, quality assurance and time saving for the practice team in gynaecological practice. Up to 32 specula (e.g. Cusco, Semm or Kristeller) can be cleaned, disinfected and dried with this basket equipment developed specially for the requirements of the field of gynaecology in a preparation process that is complete in record time

Up to 32 specula can be reprocessed in one cycle of MELAtherm in record time.
1 x Basis basket without injector rail
1 x Flex basket 6
2 x Flex basket specula

If hollow instruments are also reprocessed, we recommend the use of the Basis basket with injector rail (with 11 nozzles & clamp springs). As an option you may need Adapters for the injector rail for hollow instruments

This set up is best used as a guide, we advice you find the exact accessories to suit your practice.

To view a PDF on Melatherm accessories and instructions click here or if you have further questions please feel free to contact us