Melag MELAnet Box
Melag MELAnet Box

Melag MELAnet Box

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MELAnet Box

Batch documentation in the practice network

The MELAnet Box enables simple network connection (Ethernet) of MELAG steam sterilizers of the Pro-Class, the S-Class (Euroklav) , and the Cliniklav 25 series of models and further series. It is connected to the serial interface of the steam sterilizer and transmits the data into the practice's internal network. The MELAnet Box contains its own web server, which loads websites into the practice network.

The practice will need to install Melags FTP Software

The user is then able to see logs of processes already finished or ongoing in real time, in any selected computer connected to the practice's network.

For a PDF brochure with more information please click here

*** Not required for the Evolution models, they have a built in network connection.