MELAstore - Tray 100

MELAstore - Tray 100

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Delivered including three silicone bars for up to 14 instruments with a length of max. 27cm.
Width: 17.6cm x Length: 27.5cm x Height: 3cm - weight 491g

A good fit for the MELAstore tray 100 into one MELAstore box 100 or one MELAstore box 200

The reprocessing of instruments with the integrated system of MELAstore-Trays and MELAstore-Boxes saves time and money: With MELAstore you simplify your workflow of the instruments from the patient treatment to the reprocessing and finally the storage of sterilized goods.

The MELAstore-Trays are made of high-quality stainless steel and are optimized for the loading of MELAtherm. The wide opened mesh of the MELAstore-Trays ensure best cleaning results. For the comprehensive and complete documentation of the instrument reprocessing, the MELAstore-Trays can be equipped with identification plates.

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