Melatherm washer disinfector front angle with door open
Melatherm washer disinfector front angle with door closed
Melag MELAtherm - Single Phase power
JST Medical's 2 year warranty on Melag autoclaves & washer disinfectors
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Melatherm washer disinfector and water treatment system details
Melag MELAtherm - Single Phase power

Melag MELAtherm - Single Phase power

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MELAtherm 10

With active drying and short operating times

The MELAtherm 10 is a washer disinfector complying with the EN 15883 European Standard. It is ideally used in processing instruments by machine.

With compact external dimensions, the MELAtherm 10 offers full features without any additional charge:

  • Feeding process agents  with the dosing unit
  • Batch documentation with the CF card or network
  • Active drying in accordance with the Standard

MELAtherm 10 automatically monitors the rotation of the rinse arms, the rinse pressure and the filter sieves. Errors in the program mode or during operation are thus prevented. MELAtherm 10 can be fitted in floor units without any problem, the standard width being only 60 cm.

Should the MELAtherm 10 be free-standing next to the floor unit, MELAG offers a stainless steel cover plate. The optional floor unit also available, facilitates ergonomic working height and creates additional storage space. MELAtherm 10 will need a basis basket, with or without injector rail, at your option. Up to 11 hollow body instruments can be processed with the injector rail, e.g. suction tubes or dental handpieces and contra angles

To find a guide on what set up of accessories is right for you take a look at the Melatherm packages

MELA therm® 10 is available in the versions 400 volt (threephase current, MELA therm® 10 DTA) and 230 volt (alternating current, MELA therm® 10 DTB). If the installation location permits connection to a 400 volt power supply, we recommend the MELA therm® 10 DTA due to its significantly lower operating times.

Units can be networked along with the Evolution & Cliniclave series autoclaves directly to your computer to download data logs with a free FTP software.

J.S.T. Medical also offers a  2 Year Warranty

Each unit may require a Meladem 53 or 53C for treated water depending on the type of practice you have

To see a quick guide on pre-install requirements click here

We strongly recommend adding on a water stop valve to the installation.

For a PDF brochure with more information please click here

Whats included in the price - Built in data logging, CF card, one set of chemicals and the labour cost for a Melag Technician to perform Install Qualification (IQ)** and a Operational Qualification (OQ)**. Freight for the Washer Disinfector, travel for the Melag technician and the Performance Qualification (PQ) are at the purchasers expense.

**IQ and OQ are included for most areas of NZ, please contact us to confirm for your area.

The Melatherm requires Salt on installation and periodically through its life. 

Please note cycle times are shown in the pictures are stated without drying time included. Please add the drying time on top to know the total cycle time.

To request a sample box of accessories click here.